My subscribers have been living with me in Bali for two years
Tania Tarakanava — influencer
Hello, I'm Tania Tarakanаva
I am a journalist, marketing specialis, writer and traveler. 2 years ago I came to Bali and I keep an Instagram and Blog where I talk the Russian-speaking subscribers about Bali
I show the versatility of the beauty of Bali
I introduce you to the mysterious Balinese culture
I find the most picturesque places for lunch
And I introduce subscribers to local brands
2 years
The account is a mini-blog about my life in Bali
4500 subscribers
Russian-speaking subscribers. They live in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Bali
100+ Likes
I tell funny stories from the life of Bali in my posts, about the special places of the island, I share my experience from visiting popular places.
Every day Stories
For two years, subscribers have been following my stories every day. I take photos and shoot videos from all the places I visit. I also save useful Highlites
Blog Yandex.Zen
I am running a personal blog about Bali on the popular platform for Russian-speaking Internet users Yandex.Zen. Articles on this platform are well indexed on the Russian-speaking Internet and many people learn about the resort.

I additionally promote partner articles and they have a large coverage
Why is it profitable to cooperate with me
I am a Digital marketer
Your brand is in safe hands!
I am a Journalist
My posts have a structure, a narrative logic, they are visually attractive.
12 years in Internet
Every day I deal with kilometers of information on the Internet, which I evaluate not as an ordinary user, but as a professional.
Experience as the influencer
I regularly collaborate with brands and publications. I am an ambassador of the Ginger snap brand, wrote for Maldives hotels, collaborated with Bali resorts
Why I choose you
I found out about you thanks to yoga with Jane. The events that I have attended at your center impress and delight me, I always recommend them to my friends

The concept of De Moksha Resort is close to me. Ecology, concern for the environment, reduction of consumption and love for oneself and the world - this is the basis on which the modern world should be held in my opinion

I really believe that your resort works with love for the outside world and people, having visited you, will become better and more aware.

And I want to contribute to this
I have already written about you in my review of the best Canggu place
Open to new experiences