My subscribers have been living with me in Bali for two years
Tania Tarakanava - Instagram blogger
Hello, I'm Tania Tarakanаva
I am a journalist, marketing specialis, writer and traveler. 2 years ago I came to Bali and I keep an Instagram where I talk the Russian-speaking subscribers about Bali
I show the versatility of the beauty of Bali
I introduce you to the mysterious Balinese culture
I find the most picturesque places for lunch
And I introduce subscribers to local brands
2 years
The account is a mini-blog about my life in Bali
4500 subscribers
Russian-speaking subscribers. They live in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and Bali
100+ Likes
I tell funny stories from the life of Bali in my posts, about the special places of the island, I share my experience from visiting popular places.
Every day Stories
For two years, subscribers have been following my stories every day. I take photos and shoot videos from all the places I visit. I also save useful Highlites
Why Choose Me
You get an ambassador - digital marketer, an ambassador - journalist and an ambassador - influencer in one person
I am a Digital marketer
Your brand is in safe hands!
I am a Journalist
My posts have a structure, a narrative logic, they are visually attractive.
12 years in Internet
Every day I deal with kilometers of information on the Internet, which I evaluate not as an ordinary user, but as a professional. I use this skill as an ambassador
Experience as an ambassador
Before the pandemic, I started working with the airline as an ambassador. Agreements are on pause for the duration of the pandemic
Why I Choose You
I love high-quality clothes and I like Balinese fabrics. I wear clothes of Buddha Wear, Cove, Bamboo Blonde and other brands of this segment of the casual style. I recently got acquainted with your brand
The acquaintance with the Ginger Snap brand happened by accident! I was looking for clothes for a party at Potato Head. My friend suggested try on Ginger Snap jumpsuit and pay attention to the brand.

When I put it on, the two of us were surprised how it fits me. It's like it's sewn on me! She took a picture and I immediately published this photo in Instagram Stories. Comments and compliments immediately began to pour into direct. My direct has exploded!
I decided to learn more about your company and subscribed to Instagram. On the same day, you made a publication that you were looking for brand ambassadors.
I thought: "Well, that's a sign!"
Who is my audience
My audience does not look at a beautiful life, they lives in prosperity and either already lives in Bali, or is going to come
What is the purpose
Getting acquainted with the brand has attracted a Russian-speaking audience, which now occupies the 1st place in the number of tourists on the island with a high income
Marketing strategies
Through posts and stories, tell about the brand, recommend the brand in women's Russian-speaking communities in messengers, wear it on yourself!
Open to new experiences